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Thread: Torrents

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    OK, I download the torrent file and then what?
    How do I start the actual download.
    I'm new to working with torrent files.

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    A window should start automatically when you click on the file you want to download.

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    First, of all do u have Bittorrent if not then get it then once u downloaded the torrent open it up and your BT window will pop open then just select the destination of where u want the file to go. Also this is in the wrong section but its all good.

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    yeah... first, download the bittorrent client. then you have to install it. then, you go to a bittorrent download site. then, you can choose (or not, but let's suppose you do) something from that site to download. after you chose it, left click it. now select a folder to put the downloaded file(s). wait the download to be completed. now, if it's a movie, you can watch (and hear) it. if it's a audio cd, you can listen to it. if it's a game, you can play it. if it's an app, you can install it. no matter what you have downloaded, you can burn it (supposing you have a cd/dvd recorder) or simply delete it!


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