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Thread: Spearhead.bin.iso.exe

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    This is probably a stupid question and hence i apologise in advance.

    I downloaded a 730MB file (MOHAA Spearhead.bin.iso.exe) and I assumed it was a self extracting archive) but when I run it instead of unzipping it just opens a DOS run type black window which closes again almost instantly. I thought maybe i should just rename it as a .ISO file and then burn it but Nero says it is an invalid ISO file. Any ideas about how I can utilise the file please.



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    I realize that i just posted this to you in th thread above, well bellow afer i bump this but lin in sig. Also spearhaead is an add on, and if you have a pirtaed version of Allied assault you will need a reg fix.

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    If it is real then try to open it up with WinISO

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    Thanks Todd,

    I have the original of Allied Assault but a pirate (when I successfully follow the instructions you kindly provided) of Spearhead.

    Thanks again for your assistance it is much appreciated.




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