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Thread: Help With Jedi Academy

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    its weird when ever i uncompress it and use the exe my computer turns Ultra Laggy! does anybody know waht to do?

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    happened to me too. I thought it was a bit weird but i found out after u unzip it u have to run the exe installtion right away(when there is a icon of a lightsabre) if the icon is blank then u'll have to unzip it again.

    Maybe other ppl dont get that but i do. Well I am playing the game right now it seems good.

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    Of course it's going to be laggy. It's a big file.

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    to complicated i'll just wait till the real 1 and the images of the CD come

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    Na your just too n00b...

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    Originally posted by Xilo@30 July 2003 - 05:48
    Na your just too n00b...
    shadap i could do it if i wanted too but i dont want too ha

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    ur stupid

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    Where did u get the game from?

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    Originally posted by meanracer80@2 August 2003 - 16:56
    ur stupid
    ur stupid

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    the game is on it was originally on but is no longer there its'll need 'bittorrent' to download though.....

    'aznrocky' you sound like a right plonker

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