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Thread: Pc To Lcd Tv Hookup

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    I will be hooking up my 37" sharp lcd to pc via video card, using either dvi or s-video....Question is, will a 64mg card be enough to watch avis from my pc??? thanks

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    it should if the card plays them on your computer fine

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    Yep, what Amped said. Use DVI for better quality.

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    Does your TV even support DVI? I know most of the TVs that support computer outputs only have VGA connections.
    Regarding watching avis, are you planning to watch standard definition videos on your lcd tv? Because your card isn't powerful enough for HD videos.

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    With the right codecs and player you should be fine. I can play 1080p video smoothly with my laptop and it only has a 32mb radeon mobility 9000.

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    gpus usually aren't the limiting factors for playing HD. it's the cpu that does most of the work.


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