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Thread: Want to get a seedbox, but...

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    I don't know how to use one.

    I never used linux or whatsoever or any other OS that wasn't property of Bill Gate$

    I was wondering if there was a place or a guy who can guide me with the seedbox world. Also if someone can give me a piece of advice and help me choose the best performance/cost seedbox, it would be very much appreciated.

    That's my situation

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    Choose a seedbox with windows server 2003 its the same as any other windows OS. For best performance try leaseweb, vectoral, softlayer and layerdtech their prices might not be the cheapest but they are quality servers.
    If you need any send me a PM i will be happy to help

    Edit: Most companys you will have to pay a license fee for windows. But there are some that include windows.

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    Basically what this guy is saying is going with linux, will save you a bit of cash, as will not paying them to set it up, and getting a friend to do it.

    Someone invite me to fsc please


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