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Thread: Codecs

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    Ok , i have been looking for a codec pack but i dont know which one does what , cuz there are so many of em. Im using a 56k modem , so i do not want to keep downloading and downloading packs cuz one wont do this or wont do that. i just want a codec pack that has the codecs that will allow me to play xvid , divx , and mmmm and anything outthere , ugh , i just wanna get rid of this stupid divxplayer i got , it sorta sucks , ya know?

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    just get the kazaa lite codec pack

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    really? i heard someone here say that it was outdated , and then that same person gave out an website address and some people who went to that site later said whao dude u rock etc etc etc , they claimed that the codec pack was cool , but anyways they did say that the kazaa codec pack was outdated , if it was , what would that mean? mmmm but thanks for answering im gonna go do that now.

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    The best codec pack there is:

    SLD Codec Pack

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    imho, this discussion about which is the best codec pack has no solution, just like the discussion on another thread (which is better, Nero vs. Easy CD Creator). btw, Nero is much better .

    i am a 56k'er too, and i've tried some other codec packs before, such as Nimo and some others. frankly, i prefer K-Lite codec pack 2.04. and unlike stated by the other user, K-Lite codec pack 2.04 IS NOT OUTDATED!!! that guy said that without knowing exactly what the xvid codecs are... the decoder is dated october 4th, 2002. THAT IS THE LATEST STABLE BINARY from KOEPI (said to be 10% faster than NIC's), or in other words, the other more recent codecs are UNSTABLE BINARIES, which may (or may not) contain bugs and flaws. anyway, you can choose the june 24th, 2003 xvid decoder (same version used to encode), also packed in k-lite 2.04. until now, i got no problems decoding ANY xvid using the october 4th decoder, so i prefer using it rather than trying other newer versions. if it's working perfectly, why change it for a version that is said to be UNSTABLE?

    my word is: try k-lite codec pack 2.04 full. it won't take you more than 20 minutes to download it (you're a 56k'er just like me). if you're not happy with it, try other packs or simply download the mostly used codecs (DivX, XviD, DivX AntiFreeze, AC3, WMA) separately.


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