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Thread: Help with ASP contact form

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    I have this code to my form. It works great but I want to add a blind copy email in the code. I have tried everything and can't get it to work.. below is the code. Can anyone please help me...

    Thanks for your time,

    strToEmail = ""
    strToName = "my name"
    strToSubject = "email subject here"

    Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")
    Mailer.RemoteHost = "mail-fwd"

    strName = Request.form("name")
    strEmail = Request.form("email")
    strWebsite = Request.form("website")
    strPhone = Request.form("phone")
    strSubject = Request.form("subject")
    strMesg = Request.form("mesg")
    strBody = strMesg

    Mailer.FromName = strName
    Mailer.BodyText = strName
    Mailer.BodyText = strSubject
    Mailer.BodyText = strBody

    Mailer.FromAddress = strEmail

    Mailer.AddRecipient strToName, strToEmail
    Mailer.BodyText = strEmail
    Mailer.BodyText = strWebsite
    Mailer.BodyText = strPhone
    Mailer.Subject = (strToSubject)
    if Mailer.SendMail then
    Response.Write "status_box.status_text=Your message has been sent. Thank you."
    Response.Write "status_box.status_text=Error: Fail to sent your message."
    Response.Write Mailer.Response
    end if

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    In SMTPsvg.Mailer,

    just provide

    Mailer.AddBCC "Name of The Person", EmailAddress

    example :

    Mailer.AddBCC "Programmer",

    The 'Bcc' property holds the e-mail address of the people you wish to receive Blind Copies of the e-mail.


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