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Thread: Bitme GiveAway

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    Bitme Vip Acc 50 Gb Buffer + mail

    Rules :

    2 ratio proofs
    1 speedtest today

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    oh my God
    Please i need it in my study , the site is fantastic in medical staff ,
    , i heard it has a wonderful Request section

    Very Great Giveaway

    even i know that the first post never win

    I will do my best to take care of the account
    Promise never cheat
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    college student in need of study materials

    nice giveaway,

    i would like an invite because 1. i really enjoy the dvd format 2. i'm looking to translate some dvds to another language.

    thanks in advance

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    I would LOVE to get the invite,

    TD :

    and SpeedTest

    I'm trying to broaden my knowledge and bitme has a great variety of e-books in science that i need for school.

    REALLY appriciate if i can grab it, pub trackers for e-books are dreadful.


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