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Thread: Help! My torrent life has collapsed!

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site (but i have browsed it at various points in the past).

    Here's my story....

    Started off using public trackers about a year and half a go, and everything was going pretty well..

    Came across demonoid, and realized that private (or in that case semi private) trackers were awesome....

    Soon, i realized Oink was king, and got an invite from a friend. I used oink for a bout a year and life was great...

    Then, we lost Oink

    Then we lost demonoid

    Then i found Stmusic, which obviously isnt oink, but was close. Unfortunately i went a way for a few weeks and returned to find my account removed, and signups closed.

    I went from having everything i could want in the torrent world to nothing in a matter of weeks.

    Now I'm left with nothing to offer, and I don't even know where i should start.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an up-and-coming music site with open signups? Perhaps somewhere that might go private where i would be able to trade invites to better sites?

    Any advice on starting over?

    sorry for the long post, just it seemed like i could find people who could point me in the right direction here!

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    krunktastic's Avatar Krunk User+ BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    Sure. Check out and for starters. They are both closed for invites right now. They're about equal as far as quantity is concerned but as for quality I'd have to give it to waffles.

    There is also which is entirely lossless music, but invites are much harder to come by for that site. E**** is another lossless site that has a decent selection of lossless music.

    Imho, Waffles is what you should be looking for. Take a look around the invites section, as there are multiple giveaways that have invites for this tracker.

    As far as sites that are open signups, I don't know any music ones that are really dependable. Maybe someone who posts after me will have a better idea.

    Edit: Here are reviews for the trackers mentioned:



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    punki_rach's Avatar El Chupanibre BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    well waffles and what have taken over from oink mostly (but they're invite only) and i think zamunda has taken over from demonoid and I think that's open for registration (or at least it was when I last looked)

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    what is easier to obtain though, so if you're not looking to dig too deep then go for that. check their irc channel.
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    panoli's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    try sounddamage

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    Wow, thanks for all the replies! I love forums that are very active....

    Seems like a shame, but i used to be a big user on BTmusic, but stopped using it after i got oink lol......It probably would have had some value now...

    I'll be sure to check out your suggestions!

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    Cabalo's Avatar FileSharingTalker BT Rep: +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24
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    if u need an invite for STMusic i can grant you one. pm me in case u are interested.

    for music i use only waffles and STMusic, is good too, but somehow i find it not so interesting as these two.

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    grimms's Avatar Excuse Me? BT Rep: +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16
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    try here that should hold you over for awhile. If you want pm me i'll give you an invite to IPTorrents.

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    Tokeman's Avatar Ron Paul 2012 BT Rep: +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30
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    I can invite you to Digitalhive, its just a general site, but better then nothing at all...?
    PM me your email if you want it.
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    1000possibleclaws's Avatar BT God BT Rep: +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100
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    i highly recommend signing up to acetorrents. it's a higher level private tracker that happens to be open, and that sounded like what you're looking for.

    Also, don't miss SITR. It's higher level than most open trackers.

    I really like both these trackers, I've found some good DVDRs on both, and they both have a good seed bonus system
    this site is also pretty good for an open tracker, and it's free leech at the moment

    those 3 are probably the best 3 trackers you can get into without anybody elses help. you should sign up quickly cause they are not always open

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