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Thread: Frozen Soulseek Client... *Due to moron populace* ..Help? =(

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    Well, I hate people who keep all their music in a single folder. I searched for something, then right clicked on a file from the user I wanted to download it from, and clicked "download containing folder" and turns out the guy has almost 5000 songs in it. So now my client freezes up every time I reboot, and won't unfreeze. I can't ban him because I can't DO anything since the whole client's just frozen.

    What do you guys recommend, did you have this before, and how was it resolved / what happened?

    I thought the problem may go away if I uninstalled SS and downloaded the client anew, (had the newest version to start off with) but nothing changed.

    Help! Does this mean I can never use SS again?? I NEED it for sharing stuff with people I know, can't do without it for a week!


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    Go to your Soulseek directory and try deleting any files titled "queue", "queue2", etc.

    Default location is C:\Program Files\Soulseek

    Restart Soulseek.

    If that doesn't work, the following will:

    Copy the following files from your Soulseek directory into another folder outside of the Soulseek directory (i.e. - My Documents) - usernotes, wishlist, userinfo, shared, ignores, extensions, dlbans, chatrooms, (and "alt user info" if you even have that one. You may not.)

    1. Uninstall Soulseek.
    2. Go to C:\Program Files and delete the Soulseek folder entirely.
    3. Reinstall Soulseek.
    4. Copy files that you backed up previously to your new C:\Program Files\Soulseek folder and overwrite any existing files when prompted.
    5. Open Soulseek and everything should be as you left it.

    Let us know how it works out.

    The FST group

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    Oh...! The guy went offline so the client didn't freeze up when I opened it today. I had to manually delete his files.

    Anyhow, thank you so much for your help, I'll keep your instructions in mind for next time when something worse happens!

    take care all.
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    hey a fan of the musician Voltaire by any chance?


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