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Thread: Kommute 0.10 Anonymous FileSharing

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    Lots of new improvments

    * resize some columns for best look.
    * added style and style sheet in settings.
    * added tyle shhets coffee, pagefold, blue, silver, tb1.
    * added new button for settings.
    * added windows .ico file.
    * added context menu separators.
    * added icons in context menus.
    * change icon for search button.
    * changed QTableViews to QTreeviews for better look.
    * many changes in donwnloads list :
    * split progression column in a speed column, a progression bar, and a completed column.
    * added column with an icon to show download's state.
    * added column remaining
    * terminated downloads are in green.
    * allow sort in upload list
    * add kommute version to main window title
    * windows installer script improvements :
    * now multilanguage
    * modern interface
    * changelog viewable after install
    * can run kommute after install
    * added desktop shortcut

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    Anonymous file-sharing my ass

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    There's not many out there that are in fact 'anonymous' in the true sense of the word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by typeoholic View Post
    There's not many out there that are in fact 'anonymous' in the true sense of the word.
    There are none that are even slightly anonymous. Obscuring where the traffic is coming from and even encrypting it is not anonymity in any sense.


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