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Thread: Can You Answer My Question

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    does the riaa have any power to sue people from the uk?

    and where can i download bitttorrent and how do i use it


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    No. But apparently there's a similar organization in Britain that could.

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    same goes for Australia RIAA can't do shit all but the AIAA can but they don't do anything

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    Ignorance is bliss, isn't it?

    While the RIAA may not do anything, there is nothing stopping individual record labels from suing users in the UK. Afterall, there are 5 multinational corporations that distribute 70-80% of the music out there. They have copyrights on it all. Pick up a CD at a local store. Does it have the small "c" within a circle? There you go.

    Don't think for a minute that you aren't at risk like us in the US.

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    Of course they can.

    It's a civil action, not a criminal one. They don't need any power to do it.

    Can a citizen of the USA sue a british newspaper. Of course they can. They just instruct lawyers in the UK to do it thro' our courts.

    More important question is will they.


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