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Thread: Funny Ironies

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    Share funny Ironical incidents from the real world here. here's one to get it started.

    Hong Kong's Faux pas

    In an exquisite example of unfortunate timing, as the SARS epidemic of 2003 was raging in the Pacific Rim, magazine advertisements placed by the Hong Kong Tourism Board were promoting the city as a vacation destination that "will take your breath away." The half-page ad appeared in a variety of British publications, including Cosmopolitan. Shortness of breath is one of the principal symptoms of severe acute respiratory illness, or SARS. The illness, which apparently began in China and then moved to Hong Kong, resulted in about 100 deaths and more than 3000 cases worldwide. The tourism ad campaign was planned before the SARS outbreak and print ads could not be yanked in time.
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    People dancing on a plane to music that was made by people who died in a plane crash :conair:

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    this old Volkswagen car got into a tragical accident, the driver was killed.
    in the photo on the newspaper you could see the smashed license plate saying:
    "Volkswagen. because you live only once." sure made me laugh (though it's no laughing matter).
    A invite is highly welcomed (:

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