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Thread: [tmd]matrix Reloaded Problem

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    well the problem is it keeps freezing throughout the movie it'll freeze and ill miss parts of it anyone know how to fix this problem?

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    k-lite codec pack

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    BAD FILE download either DaDuck or 2 MPG files

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    What's your comp specs. What graphics card you got maybe your card can't handle the fps. Trying converting it too VCD with TMPGenc and playing with the normal Win Media Player or BSplayer which comes with K Lite codec pack.

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    tmd c mon TMD SUCKS get da duck dude!

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    tmd have bad resolution

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    i downloaded it and had the same problem. All you have to do is move the little ball the shows you where you are in the movielike a millimeter. CLicking it in place will also work but the daduck version is much better


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