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Thread: Adaware And Topsearch

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    Is the file Adaware found a dummy or really some spyware?

    I just scanned my pc with the latest ref-file for Adaware dated 050703.

    I have K-lite v 2.4.1 installed.

    It found like 3 files refering to Topsearch in Adaware.

    Guess it's nothing which has to be removed just thought you ppl should know.

    I haven't removed since I've seen at other mboards K-Lite will stop working if I do.

    I hope it's a safe dummyfile.

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    what version of adaware are you using. Also did you use to have full version of kazaa before. If so that is why topsearch is there. You have to run adaware after you uninstall full version of kazaa to take out all the crap it leaves behind. Then you install clean version of kazaa lite.

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    This belongs in the Software Forum




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