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Thread: ES DVD wont play right in DVD player

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    I got a DVD and its has ES in its ISO title, so I think its european. Because the first menu shows 4 languages to pick from. I used DVD-Shrink to shrink it and make it region free but the bloody thing goes wacko in my DVD player. Its not a Bad DVD either, I tried a few others that were like this also.

    Anyone else have this problem before? How do I fix this?

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    ES = Espanol ? Never seen myself tho , how about trying DvdSanta and convert files to dvd then try burning .

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    They play fine in PowerDVD on my computer. My DVD Player is a Apex AD-1500, which I just read only supports region 1 (USA), but that shouldn't be a problems since I made it region free. I've done other many other DVDs with DVD-Shrink before and had no problems with them.

    On the computer I get 5 choices of Languages before it goes into the normal area (I have a ISOs of the same tv series that are US, so they don't bug out like this foreign one). Choices are:
    English, Espanol, Francais Benelux, Nedelandstalig, Francais.

    I guess I'll have to watch it on the computer, but thats not as enjoyable. I prefer relaxing on the couch, plus I cant watch them with others either.


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