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Thread: How to load a flash script from cache of browser?

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    Hi friends. I had an issue that i was hoping someone can help me with.
    Background info:
    there is an online flash game called tactics arena .

    on this page, u have to click a link "launch game" and the game loads in a new window.
    this game starts loading data i.e. a swf file which is approx 3mb in size. it stores it in the browser cache.

    The problem:
    i'm currently in a very cut off place and hence have only dial-up access to the net. so 3mb is a lot.
    the last time i got broadband access, i saved this swf file from the cache into my hard drive. now can i force the browser to use this file and not load it again every time i wanna play this game?

    I am using opera and firefox browsers. when i just run this file in the browsers as such, the page loads but it is unable to access the net.
    any suggestions?

    thanks for taking the time to read this thread.
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    the thing is that the game is not loaded only from swf .

    the swf is only the front end. many other data will be downloaded from the internet when the game is active or being played. so i dont think it is feasible , eventhough sometimes it may be,depending upon the game architecture.


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