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Thread: req. for ScT...or anything w/ MORE content

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    Dearest of Dear Connectable Peers,

    I was given TL on here a while back and really enjoyed it and I was a power user there, but i gave the account to my nephew b/c he saved up and bought himself a computer...he's i felt he deserved it and i wanted to set him up nicely.

    so since then i've gotten revtt and scc but i'm looking for more content and more speed. those sites are pretty good, but there just aren't seeds on a lot of the things i'm looking for. once i find something better i'll gladly give away these trackers so i can focus on using just one.

    i'm being spoiled to ask for more but just getting tired of going back and forth w/o finding what i need..or the speeds i'm used to.
    i've got a friend who lets me use his seedbox when i need it and he might be letting me take over the payments next month.

    Fare thee well kind-hearted torrent-mongers,

    Bosse de Nageha!

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