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Thread: Dance Remixes

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    hi im currently looking to set up a monster cd for mi car i love tunes like fnp dance for me and ultrabeat pretty green eyes nice hard stuff like that, so if any body has some good banging dance tunes please post them here
    im also looking for some dance remixes of old songs like that stand by me 2003 remix by dj dave i fink, mint tune so some good remixes of old classics would be appreciated also
    also any good rnb dance remixes like paul van dyke for an angel mixed with dr dre i love that tune any more please put below thanx everybody

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    Aquagen - Hard to say I'm sorry
    Aquagen - Everybody's free
    Rhythm is a dancer - 2003 remix

    There are many more, just depends what you mean by 'old songs'

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    May 2003
    Cooper - I believe in love (the ladies love this one)
    Novaspace - Time after time
    ultrabeat - pretty grren eyes (I know you mention this but its damn good)
    Beny Benassi - satisfaction
    stuart - free
    Nalin & kane - beachball
    love Inc - broken Bones
    Soda club - keep love together
    the foundation - all out of love

    There are loads more that are amazing, next time your in a nightclub just ask the DJ.

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    thnx for the tunes ill have a look
    if u know any remixes of old tunes like 80's style or dance remixes of rnb songs that would be much appreciated cheers

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    some nice tunes there lindorez

    Alphaville - Forever Young

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    not over yet -steven hill remix
    dial m for mogui beat box rocker 2003 - ATB


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