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Thread: c coding . where do i start ?

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    i want to learn programing language c . its a part of my school sylabus , my teacher sucks . nobody understands anything he teaches

    so i guess i have to learn it myself

    where do i start ? am looking for online resources , guides , e-books etc

    really appreciate suggestions from experienced c , c++ programmers

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    Buy a book.

    It so much easier to actually have a book to read from rather than keep alt tabing between your ebook.

    also writing out the code by hand helps you remember what you are doing. copy and pasting from an ebook teaches you very little.

    I would recommend c++ primer

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    thanks a lot 4play

    yea so true about e books

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    ebooks is easy in the way that you can use search-features to get to the right section/page, but nothing beats actually having a printed copy that you can make notes or highlight in. Go for a combination, there's also video-tutorial -books that also helps a bit.
    google for forums that focuses on c and/or irc-channels, once you get past the people who just hang around so they can yell "rtfm" or bitch about newbies, you'll find that it's a big help.

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    Hello world is a good place to start

    But seriously, any of the Deitel books should get things rolling. Also, it really helps if you know someone who can program so you can ask questions. Some things just don't make sense on paper.
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    How about C++? I know C is similar to C++ because its it's predecessor but why would your school teach something that is just.. I guess obsolete?

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    That's kind of a loaded question. It depends on how much you already know and what your goals are.

    I'm guessing you're new to programming, and since you said it is in your syllabus, it sounds to me like you're looking for a formal introduction instead of a hacked-together, "I wanna do this thing and I'd like to know how in C" tutorial.

    Perhaps you should consider checking the MIT free course listings for a class in C. Do a Google search for C online classes, etc.

    If you're just looking for a place to get help, there are several excellent C/C++/C# IRC channels where people do nothing but sit all day long and help each other solve their problems. But you are expected to be polite. The general rule is that you don't ask if you can ask, you just ask, and then you wait for a response. This is probably more what you need if you just don't understand what your teacher is telling you.

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    I would recommend you to start with C , if u fall into C++ or C# even though the structure is same it wont be much use to you as C++ and C# are influenced by OOPs while C is not.One of the best place i would reccomend is w3schools.they have a pretty good beginner level tutorials. if you want books you can always go to flax or gigapedia.with Dev's open C compiler you can do almost anything.
    Happy hunting happy learning !

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    Try VTC C Programming 2007 it is a good one (video tutorials)

    btw, if u r going to buy a book I recommend you to try it as ebook first cuz some books are wast of time
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