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Thread: Need help with Bit-HDTV

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    Hi. I registered here because I need some help. I've been a member at Bit-HDTV for a while now, but starting about a week ago, I haven't been able to log in. This isn't a problem with my username or password (I go by the same handle there as I do here); it seems like my account has just disappeared. I was a regular user, I hadn't done anything against the TOS, and because of the way the site is set up, I can't contact any admin about this issue.

    So, I'm hoping that someone here has an account at Bit-HDTV, and that they could contact an administrator on my behalf to find out what happened. I had a good amount of bonus points accumulated that I would be happy to give as a karma gift to whoever helped me out (assuming that my account is recoverable).

    Thank you in advance.

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    I may be able to speak on your behalf whats your AIM/ICQ/MSN for more realtime chat?

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    Well, since MuFuukan R hasn't responded yet, can anyone else help me out?

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    Your account is still there.

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    Maybe, but I can't log in, and trying to retrieve my password gives me the message "The email address was not found in the database". I'm caught between the wheels of the system.

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    Try their IRC channel. I'll PM you the info.
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