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Thread: Which, how & why

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    Hi all, at last a forum I can post to, Basically Ive been usin bit-comet for years. This year I got myself a wii(key) I need iso's. 1st. Are these available in newsgroups (u.k based) If so which one? been told Giganews is the best. Signin up not a problem just dont want to pay 12 a month for nothin. 2nd got a 2mb cable feed Is this ok. Sorry to b an arse. If anyone knows a good wii iso address then please let me know. Took me 3 days to download an iso. doing my head in. BE KIND

    Ste the noob!!!

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    There are plenty of WII games available on usenet.

    You can also check out abgx and see what that lot has posted and then search accordingly using newzleech or binsearch.

    Your speed is fine and most likely you will max your line everytime you download from usenet.

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    I am in the US, but I find giganews to be well worth the $$. They have a setup on both sides of the pond.

    Take the 3 day trial - see how fast it is before paying for it... That's what I did, I was sold after 5 minutes, and went an paid - LOL

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    Thank you very very much guys!!


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