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    i noticed some people wonder what a lot of slang and net-speak means, like the thread recently asking what l33t meant. this should help.

    Urban Dictionary

    basically, lots of people sumbit their own definition of anything in the world today. it gets voted by users on how accurate it is, and bad definitions get deleted after so many negative votes. quite funny sometimes.

    Here is an example, for the word "teh"

    "t-eh" Click once to rate this definition:  (votes: 27)

    Christ. The fact that people actually write like this fills my soul with dread. The only people who write 'teh' instead of 'the' are supposed-l33t 'hackers' with WP and repressed bumper issues. Oh, and four-year-old kids. Bumplords, every last one of you.

    "Shazbot! I am teh bumplord! I am so owned by my own masturbation! I am teh goatse! All my ass are belong to Stooo! I am teh four-year-old kid!!!"
    - A l33t hax0r , yesterday

    Recommend for deletion
    PS - there is a thread asking if you laugh at loud at the things you read on here and various other places on the net. i've got to say that reading "Shazbot! I am teh bumplord!" made me laugh out loud.

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    "he-lo" Click once to rate this definition: (votes: 24)

    the jiggily food they give you in hell

    MAN WE HAVE HELL O TODAY. SATAN SUCKS. (although he is wicked in bed)

    Recommend for deletion

    Source: god
    12/14/02 0919 PM

    "he-lo" Click once to rate this definition: (votes: 17)

    Usually preceeds "You wanna fuck?"

    Hello, you wanna fuck?

    Recommend for deletion

    Source: John
    12/15/02 11:58:04 PM

    "he-lo" Click once to rate this definition: (votes: 14)

    what idiots say to start a conversation in MSN Messenger. "How r u?" will usually follow. Then, "gtg, bai"

    Hello How r u? gtg bai

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    glad someone went there. it's bad when the "3 word stories" and other relentless crap raise more interest. i know this isn't amazing, but come on...


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