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Thread: T-mobile Dash SIM lock

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    Hey all!

    I've been doing some research into unlocking a tmobile dash that my brother brought back with him from the states. He'd like to continue using the phone, but it's got a nasty SIM network lock code that has to be inserted. From what I've seen there are plenty of places willing to take my money to unlock the phone, but from past experience I do know there are some free options also available on this the great world wide web. If at all appropriate, would anyone know of such a link I could follow to unlock this phone without having to dish out $40? Or if someone is willing to take my IMEI and hook me up it would be infinitely appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

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    If he was a t-mobile customer (or still is), they should unlock it for him. Just give them a call, it's free.

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    It was given to him by a colleague who isn't all that reliable when given medial tasks such as calling to get an unlock code. That option will be held in reserve as it'll most likely be weeks before he does anything about it. Might there be a "insert IMEI, produce Unlock code" program that someone has access to?

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    I echo calling TM now if:

    Unlocking T-Mobile ToGo Phones & Postpaid

    Follow the guidance given for Unlocking T-Mobile Handsets

    As a T-Mobile ToGo customer, you can request an unlock code for your handset after 90 days and if the account is in good standing and you have made an airtime card deposit in your account within the last 30 days. Some customers have reported success at getting the unlock codes without adding a recent refill but policy appears to be to require refill within 30 days.

    Unlocking T-Mobile Handsets

    (The source of this information is email from TMobile Customer Service detailing requirements for obtaining the unlock codes. It has been posted more than once by different people, however, the source remains TMobile.)

    The following information is required to obtain an unlock code from TMobile for your phone. It works for both post-paid or pre-paid, as long as you meet the requirements. Copy the info below and change/update each time you request the unlock code. (Remember, you can request one unlock code every 90 days for each line but not more often.) Send the email to You can also call customer service to obtain the unlock codes but will still need to provide all information listed below.

    (Added 2-26-2007: I would recommend calling to have this done instead of sending all of this sensitive information via email. Unencrypted email is not a very secure form of communication!)

    I meet the basic requirements for phone unlock:

    -I currently have an active account or an account that has been cancelled less than 90 days ago.

    -I have at least 90 days of continuous active monthly service.

    -The account is not delinquent or in Write Off with an outstanding balance.

    -I am requesting only one SIM Unlock code per active line of service.

    -I am the person listed on the account as the billed party name, authorized user, or contact name.

    Information for unlock code:

    -Account holders name (required). XXXXXX

    -T-Mobile phone number (required). (555)555-5555

    -T-Mobile account number (required). XXXXXXXX (or N/A if pre-paid)

    -IMEI number, press *#06# on handset to get the IMEI (required). xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    -Account Password or last four of the account holders social security number (required). last four of SSN xxxx

    -Customers contact number or email address. xxx-xxx-xxxx/

    -Make and model of the phone. Nokia 6010

    -Carriers name if the phone is from another carrier. n/a

    -A brief reason for the request. use with other SIM when traveling

    Added 2-16-2007 My experience after being a customer for long time, 90 days requirement doesnt apply. I managed to request an unlock code on the same day I purchase my new phone. So, all you need is to call CS and ask for one. If they said NO then wait for 30 days and try again.

    4-2-2007 - You can request an unlock code on the day you purchase a new phone, however you must have been a customer at least 90 days prior to do so. Also, you can only unlock one phone every 3 months.

    4-9/2007 - You can also send the request from their contact us page by choosing phones/accessories and howto's. This pages uses SSL and all your information are encrypted.

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    I am using Motorola V3 mobile..recently it locked to t-mobile then i got the unlock code here URL CENSORED. It provides unlock code and instructions...with the help of this i unlocked easily...
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