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Thread: Roxio 6 Help

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    I'm currently trying to install Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 on my pc, but I ran into some problems. I had to install all of the different programs seperately and everything was going fine until I tried to install the dvd program. I think it's called DVD Builder. Whenever tried to install it wouldn't work, but I had no problems with the others. This is the main reason why I got version 6 in the first place, and I really want to use this program. Am I installing it wrong? Can I download this program from somewhere else? Thank you for your time.

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    which version of easy cd creator 6 did u and filename???
    different versions have different problems...i had to download 3 different versions and use pieces of each one to get a fully functional working copy......and i'm on dail up....

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    Alright, I downloaded the 484MB version, and burned the image to a disc.


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