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Thread: Playing A Movie On Your Tv

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    I think i have this down. In order to play a movie you downloaded on your tv, you either need a special wire hooking up your computer to your tv. or option b- convert an avi file to a vcd file and burn it on a cd. I understand these can only be played on dvd players that say 'cd-r compatible". If i were to convert the avi file to an vcd file, then burn it onto a cd-r, and play it on my cd-r compatible dvd player- would it work? And would it be better to get the wire i mentioned before?

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    sorry if this is the wrong forum

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    It should say vcd on the front of your player

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    what does it mean if it says cd-rs? just cd-rs with music on them?

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    I use an s-video cable to hook up my pc to tv.
    The s-video must be plugged in before your turn on your pc.
    If your tv doesn't have an s-video socket you can get a skart adapter that will do the job. If the movies are in mpeg format you can burn them staright to vcd and they'll work on your cd-r reading dvd player. Other wise you've got a load of converting to do.
    The faq should cover most of this.

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    Could you please direct me to the FAQ that you're speaking about so I can look it over for myself?


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