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Thread: TDC url?

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    I can't seem to find the site TDC, i've tried all sorts could anyone help me out please with a url?

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    i think thats what it stands for

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    What's the point in having the URL? It's closed right now. And if you got an invite, the URL is in the email.

    If you really want to know just for the sake of knowing, Google works. I know, because I just tried it to make sure.
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    Ill tell you what the point is, firstly I had no idea it stood for the dvd club, secondly I also had no idea that it was closed so I was trying to find the site to see if it was closed or not and lastly, i searched google for tdc and tdc tracker and couldn't find a hit to it's website, stevis in the time it took you to write that and try look clever you could of just been helpful like ghost was.


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