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Thread: hosting-ie from the states?

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    is it possible to order a vps/vds from hosting-ie from the us? if it is possible, how does it work? do i just give them my credit card number and the currency value exchange happens on the credit card company end? please anyone who has done this fill me in.
    just a guy who doesn't like to pay for movies....or video games...or software...or television...or know, just like everyone else!

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    i used paypal and they exchange currencies for you, but watch out, that adds a whole lot to the total, plus hosting-ie charges taxes, for instance the 50 euro seedbox cost me about $75 per month if i remember correctly

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    You are correct the billing though although quoted in euro's is actually billed in $USD .Once your payment is made for the initial setup fee (if any) and first months payment you will receive some confirmation details then you have to wait for the server to be ready, typically this is a 2 week wait time but can be longer (it was for me), but the billing period starts from when the server is setup and the details to access it sent to you, so although there is a wait, there is no loss of usage.


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    i asked for one VPS last sunday morning, and I got it by tuesday afternoon. It took them 2 days. For the guy I know who has hosting-ie and told me the speeds were good, it took him more than 2 weeks.

    My guess is that they set mine up in haste so as to make me pay January and then February and not only February since I used the box 3 days of January. I gotta see how that goes out.

    Good luck.


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