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Thread: Dying for T-Leech iNViTE !!!!!!!!!!

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    I am interested in obtaining invite for Torrentleech

    I can offer PiSexY and/or RevTT

    Late last year, I had an account at Torrentleech (1:1 ratio with 20gb+ upload) but my country was blocked for approximately 2+ months and subsequently my account was deleted due to inactivity.....After many attempts of trying to retrieve my account for the TL staff in their irc, they simply told me to get another account.

    *For the record, TL {IMO} is currently the best private tracker out there; I simply cannot live without it!

    Please only invites!

    .....where's the generous folks here at FST? It's ironic that when I had an account at TL, there were plenty of giveaways and many TL requests fulfilled.
    At first, I was gonna start a thread simply begging for a free TL invite, but I'm willing on trading a pisexy invite.

    I am sure there's someone at there with a spare TL invite......
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