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Thread: Return Of The King (=^_^=)

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    Thought i might as well put the hash here....more people can see it =P

    File:Return Of The King Trailer 00.rar
    Length:23799517 Bytes, 23242KB

    I've got alot of people downloading stuff off me though...i've got about 15 slots though.

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    It's not a Clickable link

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    How to use K-Sig to download files (hash)

    A Sig2Dat hash looks like this for example:

    File: Friends - 101 - Pilot.avi
    Length: 117977088 Bytes, 115212KB
    UUHash: =S8hsFRuHtrQFq58jEhj+ofMudZI=

    To download this file, do the following:

    1) Select the whole hash (all three lines&#33 and copy it
    2) Start K-Sig.
    3) In the menu click on 'File' and select 'Paste From Clipboard'.

    Note: K-Sig also has an option to send the hash directly to Kazaa Lite. See File > Program Options > 'Open QuickLinks in Kazaa'. In that case all you have to do is the first three steps. The file will be added to the Traffic window directly and you don't have to restart Kazaa Lite.
    use that method...unless sum1 wants to tell me how to make it clickable with k-sig in k-lite 2.4.1???

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    dude your not using your [dohtml] [/dohtml] tags

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    we dont know wether this is the true trailer or not, almost looks like a teaser trailer that leaked, as this wasnt supposed to be out. Though it could be the full trailer, though new line has now asked that this be pulled from every where, so clearly if it is the "real" trailer, it leaked out way too early... which cant be bad... because things like this only help to hype something...

    ... so getting it is up the underground now.

    here it is on suprnova

    btw... its fricken AWESOME!


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