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    Ok, finally bit the bullet and went down newsgroup road, Went for giganews and Newsbin pro, hope I have done the right thing. What I am doing is just using the open search (is this right?) Downloading my first file as we speak but I have do far 40 failed files out of 49, whats wrong! Its just been put up as well. Sorry for sounding like an idiot but I really am stuck any tips on anything. Im also getting on average 115kbs on a 2mb line (thought it would be faster) Could do with finding a good group to subscribe to I would WIIley appreciate it. BE KIND!

    Ste the noob

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    If the files where just posted it is possible that they where still being uploaded when you grabbed them which could explain the incompletes. As for the speed issue are you using the European server? and all 10 connections? You can also try to change the port to 80 or 23. Most all WII games are posted to

    Posts in red are incomplete and/or still uploading.

    Also use the nzb filter here at filesharingtalk to search for WII games that have been posted. Quick check shows almost 2 pages of em.

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    u shouldn't have bought newzbin.

    you SHOULD have gone with alt.binz.

    plus its free

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    only 0.25.0 is free. you have to donate/pay for the latest altbinz

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    For a newbie, using NZB files would probably be the way to go. It's hard to beat one click downloading.
    This very site has a nice index. Beyond that there's, the people that started it all. But for whatever reason, I believe that move was related to a large amount of CC fraud, they have gone private (btw, they are a pay site) and you'd need an invite to get in.


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