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Thread: Sharing New Movies?

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    ok forgive my stupidity... i'm a little confused.

    i've got 3 movies queued for download - finding nemo, pirates of the caribbean, and tomb raider II.

    now these are all fairly recent releases. i know the RIAA is after sharers of copyrighted music - but since these are practically brand new movies would you say it's a big risk downloading them now? would they be interested in stuff like this? or am i pretty safe?

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    MPAA, not RIAA. And while your risk would be somewhat higher, if you're using the new features you should be pretty safe, especially since they're after uploaders more than downloaders. (They would have to be the ones giving you the movie to get you)

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    The MPAA would be after you. And since lately they have only been after the people who rip the movies i wouldnt worry too much.
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    well couldn&#39;t they technically give you the movie then and get you? or wait... that would be entrapment.

    so if they&#39;re after rippers... howcome Centropy and DaDuck and co are still going strong?


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