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Thread: Use your real nick

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    How's this for a trend to promote? Use the same nickname on FST that you use in private communities, and be proud of both.

    First of all, many people have FST accounts, and many interesting people are active here - using FST does not make you a newb.

    Second, in no exaggeration trading has become a plague on the private community scene.

    So stop sneaking around, and use one nick. This is my main nick, and I go by 'speed' also. I'm proud of the accounts I have on all communities I sign up for.

    The current trend is good for no one, and its a lot of wasted energy. I'll offer two words of advice to anyone here, and anyone who wishes to share it with others. These will get you anywhere you want to go, in the least amount of time, for the greatest amount of reward.

    1) Contribute to every community you are part of, in such a way to improve the interests of that community. Be a good person.
    2) When you are part of a private community, respect its privacy by keeping all that happens within the site. Be secure.
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    no way

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    are you a member of x264 ? can i send you an invite . use the same nick too and see what happens

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    Interesting idea but in order to have the courage to use the same nick on FST and on the trackers u are in they must have nothing to hyde and respect the tracker`s rules .. and 95%(maybe more) doesn`t respect these rules .
    So bottom line some break these rules by trading account`s other`s invites ,and other make public giveaways without any consideration for what the RULES say.
    And off course there are some trackers that if they see your nick here and they see the same nick on their tracker they ban you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FatBob View Post
    are you a member of x264 ? can i send you an invite . use the same nick too and see what happens

    "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

    **Don't PM me asking for invites**

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    i am, i am!

    well, i use different nicks on different sites but anyone who is anyone knows who I am regardless what nick I use.

    <-- this is my main login on most sites so both of my nicks are already listed in one place. like it matters though *shrugs*

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    FatBob, I'm already a member of x264, and I use the same nick.

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    Yeah... In a perfect world.

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    90 % i use the same nick.
    other 10 % are x264 ( grrrr ), SCC (GRRRR) ,etc..
    Quote Originally Posted by Something Else View Post
    Without good, original content, a tracker is nothing but a lonely teenage boy's chatroom.

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