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Thread: Looking for a TL Power User with Invites account

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    xbawksz's Avatar is hueg BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Sep 2006
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    I am willing to trade a waffles invite.

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    you cant trade TL accounts!
    Accounts That Are Not To Be Traded
    • Below lists bt sites which accounts are NOT allowed to be traded.
    • Note that any invite trades for these is allowed on the site.
    • Trades that are NOT allowed will be edited or trashed.
    • Infractions might be given for posting such threads.
    • Those repeating will be locked from the section.
    BCG |CZ | DevilWolfs | E**** | FSC| FTN | iPlay | iTS | NB | PP |SCL| SD |TDC | TL | WB

    close it before you get infraction

    Trust everyone, Just don't trust the devil inside them.

    Looking for GFT


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