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Thread: Where I Can Get A Dreamcast Emulator?

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    I need to know where I can download a real dreamcast emulator and games for windows that isn't on a site where i have to vote for a million fake sites or top 100 bullcrap.

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    There aren't any...

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    ok. thanks for the straight answer, cause i found a site with 2 different dc, ps1 and a ton of n64 emu's. And it was a no bs site, but if you say there isn't one I'll take your word for it so I dont end up downloading a virus.

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    There are 2 windows compatible versions being made ATM, but they don't play commercial games right now. The best one so far is probably Icarus, since it can run commercial games, but the developers haven't released the emulatot (yet).

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    im not sure
    There was Bleem(look it up on google) but im not sure if their in business still.

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    I could have sworn i found one on direct connect. I think i played crazy taxi on it.
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    Originally posted by theprisoner@30 July 2003 - 17:05
    There was Bleem(look it up on google) but im not sure if their in business still.
    Um, Bleem was an emulator for PSXm unless you&#39;re talking about Bleemcast, which was an emulator that lets you play PSX games on the Dreamcast. And yes, Bleem is out of buisiness. They were shut down by sony after being sued so many times that they ran out of money.

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    A bit off topic here but does anyone know if the bleemcast can play any psx1 games as I heard it was just GT2

    Why not just buy a dreamcast they&#39;re not very expensive now & then just get your games from p2p, friends etc.

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    I have a dreamcast, I&#39;ll just have to go and buy new controllers if I can find a place that sells them still. I also dont have the wires, I lost track of alot of the stuff after I stopped using it.

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