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Thread: Oooooohhh, An Idea.

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    What if we took all of our legal files and renamed them as copyrighted songs.. make the RIAA mad confused. Just an idea.
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    Originally posted by mogadishu@31 July 2003 - 00:16
    What if we took all of our legal files and renamed them as copyrighted songs.. make the RIAA mad confused. Just an idea.
    and alot of innocent people get sued and it would also be the ultimate fake fest

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    We get enough complaints about fake files as it is.

    This could actually help the RIAA.

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    Originally posted by mogadishu@30 July 2003 - 23:16
    What if we took all of our legal files and renamed them as copyrighted songs.. make the RIAA mad confused. Just an idea.
    Stupid Idea - one word - DUMBASS
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    Sheesh, calm down barfboy.

    I think it would be hilarious to see the RIAA try to sue someone who was sharing perfectly legal stuff that was mislabled.

    Just a word to anyone who does this: Be sure to accurately identify what each file is in the description and alert people to what you&#39;re doing. Just don&#39;t sink to the level of those that intentionally mislable things to make people mad. And be sure to cancel any of these files that people try to upload.
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    We are Kazaa. We are sixty million strong. We are one of many p2p communities.
    The way to screw the RIAA is simple. Everyone should boycott the purchases of their precious copywritten bullshit until they have been forced into bankrupt HELL&#33;&#33;
    If they want to be greedy, then let them sit on a mountain of unsold shit. From now on, the only way I&#39;ll buy a recording is through a second hand music dealer who isnt sharing the profit with the pimps of the music industry.

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    man this guy got a :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame:

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    If u shared lots of GB of legal files and the RIAA tried to sue u , then u would win and if u live in america, you could then share as many illegal files as u want because its illegal to be charged for the same exact thing more than once, im not saying u cant be charged for murder or something twice, or robbing somewhere....its a bit confusing, but as long as u continued to use Kazaa and not any other program and stayed with the same ISP and keep everything the same u can download and upload as much as u want.

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