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Thread: The Peerguardian Database Is Down And Needs Help

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    the peerguardian ip database is down- check out the link

    this from meth, the creator of peerguardian

    To help get the database get back up, you can always help by donating.
    Even a dollar will make a difference and I'm not BS'ing ya...
    $350 gets me 10GB/mo ASP+PHP+MySQLDB for a YEAR.

    I know 30,000+ people are using the DB in some way or other every day.
    And those who know me know I'll put it ALL to improving PG.

    PG is a project for the people by the people. I just got in over my head on the hosting (was hosting it on my work's servers but it's screwed with their projects, now I've got no free-ride... gotta pay for my hosting and provide mirrors to handle the load&#33

    I'll get it fixed within the next couple of months but with a few donations that could be weeks or even days... It just depends if a few of you can be generous enough to dig deep and offer a dollar or two to help the project, specifically.. hosting.

    Please believe me, I never wanted this day to come, I never wanted to have to add the following button but it's now become necessary...

    click the link and then to the paypal logo

    ...A BIG Thank You to all that can help...


    previous info posted there:

    PGIPDB Bandwidth Issues
    Technically it's frequency of hits. To be able to continue with the PGIPDB we're either going to have to wait until I get paid from work so I can sort a new server out or we'll need some very kind people to provide website mirrors (with ASP support). For now you can get the most recent lists from the following links: Guarding.P2P, PlainText, Sygate, ZAPro4.

    The forum is here. If you can help with hosting, email me.
    There's also IRC chat...

    Because of the way in which the majority of traffic was directly linked to the plaintext page, I think auto-update applications may have caused the excess traffic.

    Win9x Incompatibility and the Runtime Error #432
    Vorlon has provided a solution to this problem on the PG forums, here.

    High Processor Usage
    Some users have been complaining of high-processor usage by PG recently. A large part of this is down to the fact that PG checks new IPs against EVERY range in your blocklist. I've decided the best way to address this is to change the cross-referencing system so that it breaks all blocked IPs into subnets and only compares new IPs with those in relevant subnets (should cut processor time to below 1/200th)

    PGIPDB Bandwidth Problems
    The PGIPDB (the site with the IP database) is getting around 20,000 hits a day (via the proper URL, I'm sure there's also half that amount in direct links to pages). Although some people would bend over backwards for that sort of traffic, it's a problem for me. Up to now I've been okay but it's starting to make other projects crawl. A PAYPAL thingy will be appearing on the site soon. I've got one month to find and pay for a new host!

    PGIPDB Bad Submissions
    Due to the amount of bad submissions lately, the PGIPDB will start to use accounts soon, will ask for reasons for each range added and will need to be verified by an administrator before it's listed. Roughly 20 new administrators will also be added.



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    just out of curiousity, are you giving money?
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    yep and i&#39;m also part of the peerguardian forum effort where we&#39;re trying to improve the pg database...

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    sounds cool. post the link when you set up the forum.
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    it&#39;s up and running (eremini is the guy who started it)

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    i&#39;ll definitely donate. peer guardian has been a real life saver for me

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    sounds good

    also for ppl who need to dl the prog

    or update their list


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