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Thread: What Is The Best

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    listen, i want to make a game ( a professional one) not using junk like 3d game creator, what is the best one that i could use?

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    Um, how about 3ds max 5 (or whateverthehell the latest version is)?

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    c++ and Maya/3d Studio Max is the best for making games...

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    How come everyone keeps forgetting to mention XSI? Maya is awsome for movie animations, and 3D Studio Max was great in its time, but the new versions of XSI are pretty much made for making serious game graphics as well as Hollywood stuff. I tried, (and sucked at) all three of these things, but it was easy enough to see that XSI is by far the most powerful and versitile program out of them.

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    You can't judge a program by only briefly using it (and sucking at it).


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