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Thread: Xvid

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    sorry if this is the wrong forum- but i need to know what xvid is. Is it a special player, format? If so, where can i download movies encoded to xvid/a player

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    Download the kazaalite codec pack v2.04 , which ever u prefer , the full version or the basic . both have the xvid codecs. And you can find xvid on p2p programs. So just search for a movie , and it MIGHT be encoded in xvid format. it says on the file extension btw.

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    xvid is a form of video compression. All movies you downloaded are compressed to make them smaller in file size. Kinda like Mp3s are compressed audio files.

    codec = compression + decompression

    There is a codec pack freely available on this site. Just go the homepage(see top of this page).

    Once installed, your media player should work fine. But, my experience has been to have multiple media players. Some just work better than others.


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