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Thread: Big problem whilst trying to download.

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    As you can see it keeps saying no such article, now this is happening on lots of things, could it be something to do with this on newsdemon site?:

    02:12 PM EST Retention - We have some issues with headers on our premium servers. The files are actually there, we are just having issues getting the articles to show up. We are working on the issue. The Economy server is not affected by this problem.
    Very frustrating, I dont know what could be causing this?

    Any help would be aprechiated, thanks.

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    Looks like you just have to wait for Newsdemon to fix the problem, if they can.

    Or just sign up @ GN

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    Quote Originally Posted by MultiForce View Post
    Looks like you just have to wait for Newsdemon to fix the problem, if they can.

    Or just sign up @ GN
    Grrr but that means I've lost 6 quid and I cant get the stuff I downloaded back so far, maybe I'll try a server thats not SSL.

    Got it working now (I think), but had to switch to a non premium server that dont have SSL, seems fine, hope it stays that way!

    Just wish I could get the 530mb back I list
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    The problem with newsdemon would probably one have lasted a few hours, maybe a day.
    You switched providers over it? That's pretty hardcore, maybe you should look into a giganews account. They never have problems, or at least they don't let their customers know or have to deal with them.

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    By the way, the post at the top is 103 days old and NewsDemon is advertising 110 days, so for that post you might be hitting a rough edge of retention. When volume spikes up towards 4 TB/day the retention for all providers drops a little.

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