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Thread: Diet-k

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    Jun 2003
    Is it good? is it worth it? what is it? spyware? some new media desktop? or is it just a speed up thing? i have the latest version of k-lite ( 2.4.1) should i still download it?

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    its looks better , heee . Get it? Diet (kazaa)? Diet...looks better . he he he

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    Jun 2003

    but 4 real, what is it?

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    for reals...i dont know

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    ok back when i used the original kazaa i used diet kazaa all the time, not the free version the one with lemon, but then i happen to switch over to kazaa lite, and bye bye went diet k, and i honestly cant tell you why i stopped using it, it sped my downloads up all the time, the new version seemed to slow things down, the version that came before this new one with lemon, now thats the real deal! lol i hope that cleared things up!


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    diet kazaa is just another version of kazaa with a different skin.... the only thing that is different about it is that it has an buddy list so you can search for friends files by using there ip address....


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