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Thread: Deliberate And False File Sharers Listed Here

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    I was happily running k-lite yesterday and downloading a few movies when I noticed that some of the user names from whom I was getting the files from were very very similar, what made me suspicious was that the file I was downloading was coming from a group of people with similar names. I checked their file lists and lo and behold their file lists are exactly the same as each of the others. They are offering the very latest movies, they have multiple instances of the same file, 6 to 8 copies of the same movie (which is suss in itself as most users only have one copy). Being suspicious I chose a few more downloads from these 'people' and have found the completed downloads to be blank. The names of the so called users are LAD171s10, LAD172s21, LADs19, LAD171s6, LAD6s25, LAD3s6, LAD170s11, I dont know how many versions of 'LAD' user there is, But I would suggest to people that if you see this user in your downloads, to check them out for yourselves and don't download the bogus files they offer.

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    well duh

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    Originally posted by Hogster@31 July 2003 - 02:55
    well duh
    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>BLAH</span>

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    OH SNAP, THATS ME&#33; Jusk Kidding, me screen name is the(Phantom)Renegade@RIAASUX. Just incase anyone wanted to know

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    Very Interesting and useful information. No one like to get bogus files. Nice of you to share that information with others.
    What with the Stupid comments by some others?.
    I guess some readers have nothing better to do with their time, other than to bag out the useful information people post in this forum.
    Perhaps you People don&#39;t really care, or even more so, YOU ARE THE ONES SHARING THE FALSE FILES.

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    as my first k-lite post allow me to reveal the truth on these s/n&#39;s or fake sharer&#39;s, i have done a bit a thinking on it, and realized they all have something in common, here&#39;s how i break it down

    first the state: LA, NY, etc
    follow by,
    the district they cover: D6, D197, D65, etc
    and finally,
    the sector they research: s6, s17, s42, etc

    this comes out to the following:


    Los Angeles in District 17 scanning activity from Sector 6

    you know the big cities are gonna be first, so if you see any s/n&#39;s close to or familair with the above avoid it at all costs, always check the users you download from before your next

    the m<span style='color:red'>obil</span>man

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    i usually tend to think when im downloading a new movie, and its going at 15kb/s on a 56k modem its usually a fake, but in saying that, how fast can you transfer nothing?

    It really does shit u off when u your downloading what you think is legit but really is fake. but i guess u take that risk when using kazaa.

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    memorise this and u dont have to worry abt fakes


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    yanno i just had one of those dudes download civilization 3 from me UH OH &#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

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