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Thread: Office Xp -> Office 2000

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    Has anybody else had problems reverting from Office XP back to Office 2000. I have had uninstalled XP and tried to re-install 2000 but run into problems. I have 2 versions of 2000 and they have both worked before but now it encounters an error. I was thinking that perhaps XP wasnt completely removed during the un-installation. I know MS dont like people going back to previous versions of their products but i thought Office might be exempt. Any suggestions??

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    Clean out all the Office registry keys, directorys remove anything associated with it. Also are you using two different cd keys that could be a issue if you used two different keys.

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    Cleaned out all the registry entries, files and used different keys. I get a fatal error after you click the install on the setup program.

    Im kinda perplexed i then re-installed xp with no problems at all.

    Has anybody got any super- de duper registry removal tools to removal all the office xp entries? I use reg-cleaner but that might be missing some.

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    This is the error message


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