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Thread: how to set up tracker?

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    Hello everyone so i need some help first off i am testing a very small tracker i created based on BNBT very easy and could say stable tried it out with 10 people and no problem.Now here comes the questions first of i dont like what i am doing using my computer-my ip for the tracker and also i believe that my connection isnt fast enough if i register all the people i want to so here is what i want you all to help is there a way multiple peers keep online my tracker and update normally without a problem, is there any free hosting service that i can trust,and last with no ip i have maid a subdomain called http......noip... am i safe or is my ip for everyone to see
    Thanks in advance and i am very sorry for my english hope you understood what i am asking for

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    Free hosting sucks for trackers. They find out and throw you off with no warning.
    If it's just a very small site, you can look at VPS for hosting it on, for a larger site you'll need to rent your own box. You should be able to find a list of hosts somewhere on BNBT forums (if they have them), tbdev has a list.

    To see you IP behind a no-ip domain, it's just a matter of "nslookup" or whatever.The only way to hide the IP of the webserver is to host it on TOR or some other anonymous network as a hidden server.

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    Dude if you are looking for help with tracker and you want to hire me please send me a PM.


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