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Thread: Playing Movie File...

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    I downloaded Johnny English. However, I can't watch it. I tried playing it in DivX player. I get nothing. It shows playing time as one hour; however, when playing, there is a blank sceen and no sound. Am I missing Codecs? If so, how do I go about getting the ones I need?

    Any other suggestions?

    PS - The file was 250MB

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    I have no idea if the file works or not but regarding the codecs go here

    Choose Codecs Download

    for all you need. Note check the F&Q for instructions, you have to uninstall all your other codec packs first. Let me know how you get on.

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    im not sure, what exactly the problem is but try using this...i had a similar prob a while bak and worked out fine....
    avic100 FOURCC changer

    download the file and the help file along wid it ....u shud be fine

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    what does avic100 FOURCC changer do?


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