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Thread: Recurring Corruption

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    OK... I downloaded Tomb Raider (the first one) which is a DVD rip and has 5 stars on I found corruption for about 10 seconds around 43 mins into it with AVI preview but i wasnt sure what it was at first so I posted in one of the other sections of the forum. Someone there suggested using KCF to fix it - which i did after getting extensive help from DrSpud when the downloads kept restarting!

    anyway, i finally got the corruption fixed - only to find that there was now corruption in a previously uncorrupted section at about 43:15 and lasting also for 10 seconds. so in effect the corruption has now moved 15 seconds down. As for this, no matter how hard i try to redownload I can't get rid of it - i think the users i'm downloading from also have the corruption. i know it wasn't there before so now I'm really stumped!

    Is there anything I can do? or does anyone out there have an uncorrupted file just so i know it actually isn't corrupted?

    i'm running on a tight schedule here (hence the panic&#33 so any help would really be appreciated.

    Sorry for all the questions,

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    strange how can there be a DVD rip of tomb radier already??

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    it&#39;s probably a telesync. maybe maybe maybe a screener.
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    Originally posted by KaBuTaR@31 July 2003 - 06:07
    OK... I downloaded Tomb Raider (the first one)
    He&#39;s talking about the first one
    Sorry can&#39;t help with the problem

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    Alright, I think I can help you some more. First of all, the corrupted section in the original file and the corrupted section in the &#39;fixed&#39; file occur at completely different spots, right? That is, the entire movie is there & uncorrupted between the two files. If that&#39;s the case then you can use VirtualDub to save the start of the original file up to the corruption, save the end of the fixed file from after the corruption, and append the two together. You could also try using VirtualDubMod to try and get a more accurate range, since it reports the position in the file you&#39;re looking at. You might just have to try it again, since it could be the users you&#39;re getting it from like you said. And remember that you can keep fixing the fixed file, and you don&#39;t have to give up just because the first time didn&#39;t quite work. Best of luck to you, KaBuTaR.
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    Thanks again... unfortunately I went and deleted the original file, so I can&#39;t patch it together. And annoyingly enough, whenever I try and download I keep getting the same user with the corruption, which really annoys me&#33; I&#39;ve tried kazupernodes and everything - no luck - I still keep ending up with the same one. bah. oh well

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    use shareaza get it from the link in my sig, once you have got it use the link on this page plenty of sources.


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