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Thread: Anyone can help (TB IRC?) I been disabled?

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    First I was really happy with this tracker because it had alot of TV/MP3/MUSIC packs which I have got little by little I was just getting alot more hard drive space to get more of them. But I am really dissapointed by logging on my seedbox today and seeing my Utorrent 1.7.6 I updated about a week ago or so when REVTT and TB asked me to do so because it fixed alot of bugs and it was required so I did so like they said.

    Now this seedbox is mostly for porn and I did it for TB on every release at first I let everything seed as much as possible then I am lurking around their forums I see "overseeding is prohibited" and alot of questions being answered with a no so I decided all my porn releases will be stopped at a ratio 500 which were easily done daily.

    I don't know exactly why my account is disabled this morning but yesterday I deleted a couple of 10-20 torrents which were from 1/23/08 and later to get some space. All of those torrents were past 100% ratio and as you can see well seeded over 72 hours. After logging in today thats when it happened so Is probably because of that? I had some of those torrents still seeding even though they were already seeded past their 100% ratio.

    I also download TV-XVIDs all of them but they barely get any good amount of seed in them because my other seedbox is a bit slow for them to reach 100% but it has ALOT of space (1.7TB) to be exact so I never take em off my Utorrent at all and keep them seeding anytime of the whole months that I keep them there.

    I have downloaded 2 discographies the past week (Gunit/DMX) and kept those seeding too and thats it.

    For anyone wanting to know my ratio it was 12.321 (around there I know it was 12 checked it last night)
    With 3.00TB+ uploaded and about 250GB downloaded.

    Hopefully someone can help me out or give me TB=TorrentBytes IRC to get this cleared up. I am pretty sure my account is disabled from the last night incident I did but those were old torrents more than 72 hours ago and were past 100% ratio.

    My account was "Natrod123"

    I am just really dissapointed at myself for not keeping any ways to get in contact with them if this was to ever happen. I was really joyful to see myself contribute alot 56GB upload per day / 5GB download per day. I dont want to see myself go from this tracker. I had about 2-3 posts on forums.

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    and as i can see there isnt any user with this usernamer:Natrod123
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    thanks just got it looking through google too.

    hmm that sucks ..i have the torrents still on my Utorrent but its in red and it just says re-download the torrent key from the website again.

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    Ok I got it cleared.

    Final decision is that I am disabled due to cheating.
    I tend to disagree with the decision but I will just blame it on my client for its mistakes.
    Not the most happy person right now but I do have another shot so I am semi ok with it , no need to get mad at these things because they do happen.

    Thankfully the TB-STAFF was patient with me and listened to what I had to say , most trackers wouldn't do that and just brush you off which has happened before (no names) but I am glad with the outcome because I do have another chance.

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