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Thread: Xvid Splitter

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    I have DVL 2 fast 2 fourious and i wanted to know if i can split the xvid movie into mpeg to fit on a vcd 80min cd...i tried avichop but it freezes and i am not very good with vitrudub....anything else...


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    virtual dub will split any avi file as long as you have the correct codecs installed..
    M2-edit will split most mpg files...for the few files i have found it wont split i have used MPEG2Cut-1.15...
    and to split both mpg and avi files i have used Easy Video Splitter...
    my choice would be to use Easy Video Splitter..its easy to setup and work with..
    but all 4 programs work fine..

    you cant work out vdub? load the direct stream copy from will auto select direct stream the button with the left pointing arrow to save the point at start .........either play file to spot you want to chop at or slide the bar to the spot you want to chop at...then press the right pointing arrow to save the end point...the slide bar will show blue between the start and end file....repeat those steps for the 2nd chop...

    id just use easy video does it all for you.


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