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Thread: Best way to search files

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    Hi guys...
    I was subscribing to when I thought about rapidshare... is cheaper, and is widespread...
    but there is a problem:
    I can easily find files in the usenet because every client has a search button...

    unfortunately, there are no client with the research feature for and the only way to find the files u need is look it up in a rs search engine...

    btw, rs engines are very difficult to use because the file u're looking always have strange u will never find it if u just search the name of the thing u're looking for (i.e. If I'm looking for Indiana Jones, u'll have to write something like ind.j.r01 into the research field, otherwise u will probably not find it)

    Is there a solution to this problem? I tried lots of forums...but apart from warez-bb which is closed to signups now, the others only have little things...

    Help me guys ^^

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    145 is one method for searching RS files...

    and try for an RS forum. With 150,000+ members, most requests are generally filled promptly.

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    follow the signature.
    Search RS: Click
    To get the latest scene releases on RS with good pre-times goto:
    Alt.Binz 0.28.2
    For an organised list of NZB searching and indexing sites go here -> Click Me...4 N.Z.B. rhymes
    For latest goals goto:
    To stream sports goto

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    join warez forums like wares bb etc, they have all the uploads..


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