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Thread: Fps,rts

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    Hi just wondered if anyone can recommend a few good FPS and or RTS games, I have played and completed a few of them and just wondered if there are any out there I should have a look at it. I know this is a bit of a broad question but I am only asking for a few quick suggestions.



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    Very broad, considering you forgot to mention what games you already have, i&#39;ll keep it short:

    1. Medal of honor: Allied assault
    2. Warcraft II: Reign of chaos
    3. Command and conquer: Generals
    4. Battlefield 1942

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    I&#39;ve stuck with Starcraft Broodwar for many years now and still find it better than most.(Granted I can&#39;t run many new games) Yet I still find it better than any newer game.


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